Hi-Tech design can offer its own innovations in furnishing field in order to satisfy a huge range of applications.

In this case-history we will talk about how we made a couple of doors for bedroom wall unit.

Thanks to composite laminates, made of carbon and Titantex twill fabrics, we covered a core material that was framed in a special aluminum frame.
The result, showed in the pictures, is a fine furnishing component, a wall unit in which the traditional structure made of cherry blockboard wood is joint with a couple of design doors.
The carbon fiber and Titantex fabric are joint together shaping a picture in which the fabric weaves and the contrast of colours are dominant.

Modernisation of antique furniture

Carbon fiber products can be used for rebuilt antique furniture components in order to make them modern and to give them a totally new look. An example is given by this bedside table, made of plywood and probably dated back to 1950s.

The table top needed a remaking because it was old-fashioned and not very tough. In order to replace it we made a 3mm thick carbon fiber table top. The aesthetic surface of the laminate was made of carbon twill 2/2 fabric with red nylon strand. The new top was sticked on the bedside table support at which we put on a finishing aluminum edge.The result is a new furnishing component in which the ancient and the modern are joint very well and they give to the product a new and unique aesthetics.